> Dedicated to wood energy

The Salon Bois Energie in itself is dedicated uniquely to wood energy since 1998 and was at the time of its creation the first of its kind in the world. As such, the visitors come with a specific purpose or project to realise, ensuring high quality dialogue with the exhibitors.

> A unique event

It is the only event in France that brings together under one roof (indoor area) or sky (outdoor area) the entire wood energy chain thus making it the point of exchange for the entire sector.
Know more with the brochure: A Unique Event

> Wood energy in action

The Salon Bois Energie is renowned for presenting wood energy in its most dynamic and active light ... stoves and fireplaces in operation on the exhibitors stands and a large array of wood fuel production equipment splitting, chipping, pelletising etc outside.

> A window onto Europe

More than 400 companies from across 20 European countries present a fully European panorama of the latest developments and advances in wood energy making the Salon Bois Energie the place to get the full picture and to determine future trends.


Who exhibits? »

More than 300 exhibitors and represented companies are expected from across the entire European wood energy spectrum covering all aspects of the value chain from the forest to the flame.

Exhibitors come from the three main segments of wood energy in a balanced and approximately equal split :
- foresty and wood fuels
- industry and municipalities
- domestic wood heating

More than 30% of the Exhibitors are international originating from 20 countries.

Download the Exibitor List 2017.

Who visits? »

> Professional Visitors

6 000 professionals visit he Exhibition of whom 60% are key decision makers (Chairman, Managing Director, Director).
The split of professional visitors confirms the pertinence of the unique positioning of the Bois Energie Exhibition:
54% come for the wood and 46% come for the energy !

> General Public Visitors

6 000 General Public visitors attended over the weekend, of which a large number arrive with clear and ready-to-go projects.

> New for 2018 … and a plus point for the weekend !

The Salon du Printemps (The Home Deco Exhibition) will be held in the neighbouring hall with a free and open access with the Salon Bois Energie on the weekend. Both exhibitions will enjoy the advantages of a shared visitor base and 10 000 visitors are expected at the Salon du Printemps alone over the weekend of 17-18 march.


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