Caligo receives three major orders from Finnish and French sawmills

Environmental technology and energy efficiency for sawmills: Inroads into new markets

Finnish cleantech company Caligo Industria Oy has received three major orders from Finnish and French sawmills. In 2019, Caligo Industria will deliver flue gas scrubbers to the Keitele Group's Alajärvi and Keitele sawmills in Finland, and to the Piveteau Group's Sainte-Florence sawmill in France. The scrubbers will recover waste heat from the flue gases and the heat will be utilized as drying heat in the sawmill processes. The orders represent are a major breakthrough in the sawmill industry for Caligo. Caligo's deliveries to date have focused only on district heating plants. “These orders are a major breakthrough for Caligo Industria in a completely new market. Improving the profitability of the sawmill industry and enhancing its environmental friendliness has opened up a globally important market for us. In addition, the system to be delivered to France strengthens our position in the local energy efficiency market,” says Caligo Industria's CEO Juha Järvenreuna.