First TOP LOADER system in Brittany

Launch of the wood energy boiler at the TIMADEUC Abbey (400 kw)

The abbey lives mainly thanks to the revenues of the cheese factory which refines nearly 110 tons of cheese per year, by the production of 13 tons of fruit pastes. In addition to these economic activities, there is a 41-room hotel business. This results in a consumption of 800 MWh per year. AHCS, designer of energy solutions designed this facility. The estimate of the wood energy fuel needs of the abbey amounts to 250 tons of platelets per year (ie one truck every 2/3 weeks). The choice was made to exploit an old courtyard and to integrate a system of "scraper comb" by the top called toploader, which offers on site a useful volume of 300m3. A big advantage of this supply technology compared to a silo with scraping ladders: less civil engineering, easier operation and maintenance because the moving parts are at height. Trailer ground that allows semi-trailers to enter the silo to deliver further.