From the forest to the fire
The Salon Bois Energie brings together the most complete range of wood heating appliances, wood fuel types and wood fuel supply chains as can be found anywhere. Be it for heating your house, your business or for your local community Europe's brightest talents can be found exhibiting their expertise, experience and modern wood heating equipment.

Appealing to professionals from all related disciplines and from across all of France, the extensive range of equipment and services displayed by the 300 plus exhibiting companies offers a broad European panoramic view of the entire sector (more than 20 European countries exhibit) encompassing wood energy for industrial, local authority as well as domestic users and suppliers.

The Salon is equally renowned as a launch pad for the latest innovations often focused on driving up even higher energy efficiency co-efficients, cleaner combustion, opening up design and improving ergonomics - all of which make wood energy today a lifestyle choice that makes economical sense, environmental sense as well as being quite simply, the best way to stay warm in winter !

One exhibition under one roof ... the Salon Bois Energie covers the entire wood energy chain from A-Z and offers a unique opportunity to wood energy stakeholders (from forest to fire) to gather and meet, to do business, to exchange views on current topics and to move their projects and ideas forward. The configuration of the Exhibition is structured to reflect this chain of activities. The Exhibition features an outdoor area (foresty and wood fuel production machinery) as well as an indoor area, comprising the following sectors: institutions and associations, industries and local authorities, medium and small scale boilers, and domestic heating (stoves, fireplaces, ovens, cookers) interspersed with wood fuel suppliers and related press.

Domestic wood heating has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent times. Aesthetics, clean and optimised combustion, automatique feeding and cleaning, certified wood fuels, size and cost economies etc all continue to contribute to the revived popularity of wood energy in urban, peri-urban and rural settings today.

The Salon Bois Energie presents a unique opportunity to scan this pan-European offer for domestic heating solutions (boilers, stoves, fireplaces, cookers and ovens etc) and for the visitor to become aquainted with the latest innovations and trends.

The two Professional days (Thursday and Friday) are perfectly suited to the needs of the manufacturer, the shop owner and distributor chains, the plumber and installer, heating engineers and maintenance teams all looking to meet up and to cément existing relations or establish new ones.

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Harvesting and gathering the primary material, wood, from forests and down-stream wood transformation processes and industries in an efficient and certified manner is the specialist domain of the outdoor Exhibitors of the Salon Bois Energie. Add to this, wood fuel production, storage and transportation and you have the complete wood fuel supply chain … from the small scale individual producer up to the fully auomated industrial scale.

The full range of wood to wood fuel transformation machinery can be found on show, spliting, shredding, chopping, chipping, cutting, sawing, pressing and compacting up to 500m3 of wood during the duration of the Exhibition.

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Collective and industrial wood heating and equally co-generation projects represent an opportunity to utilise a non or under-exploited waste rescource to provide an efficient and carbon-neutral energetic output. Best practice encourages and favours local supply chains providing a direct benefit to the local economy and the environnement.

The Salon Bois Energie gathers together under one roof all the major actors of this dynamic sector offering a broad vision across the European panorama.

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The Innovation Competition is always a highly anticipated moment during the Exhibition. It rewards the most significant innovations of the year and often provides a compass reading of future trends. The Competition rewards Innovations from 4 categories:

  • Category 1 : Wood fuel supply chain
  • Category 2 : Central wood heating for the domestic sector
  • Category 3 : Localised wood heating for the domestic sector
  • Category 4 : District heating

These prizes are awarded by a Jury of renowned experts.

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