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A rich series of Conferences was accessible to Professionals Thursday 15th and Friday 16th March.


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10h00   Evolution in the 2018 regulations ICPE for combustion installations 2910 - applying the « MCP » directive, CIBE, Jean-Marc BERTRAND (Project Leader) et FEDENE, Samuel PETIT (Technical Manager)
10h30   Latest developments of the CCE - what impacts on wood energy projects? CIBE, Stéphane COUSIN (Manager)

What developments in financial assistance in 2018 ?

Valérie BORRONI - Animatrice, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Energie Environnement
Stéphane COUZIN - CIBE

12h15   ENplus certification, ENplus France 

14h00   Project to develop the ISO 17 225 biofuel standard for a class of woodchips and shreddings for industrial use proposed by France, Matthieu CAMPARGUE - RAGT énergie (Directeur), Clarisse FISCHER - CIBE (Déléguée Générale), Matthieu PETIT - FIBOIS Drôme-Ardèche (Chargé de mission bois-énergie)

15h00   The Wood Heating Certificate CBQ+

The wood pellet heating has solid advantages because it is an ecological, economical, comfortable, efficient, local heating mode. It meets the users expectations who are ever more interested in renewable energy. That is why the number of pellet appliances is progressing constantly. The  threshold of 800,000 homes should be exceeded in 2018! The wood pellet heating meets also and especially today’s challenges in terms of energetic independence, air quality, and also in terms of the struggle against energetic precariousness.

Consequently, the wood pellet market continues its upward curve. The self-sufficiency model is continuing and strengthening as production plants have the capacity to meet the significant growth in future consumption.

16h30 – 17h15 :   La qualité du combustible bois bûche
« France Bois Bûche, le premier réseau de producteurs garant du développement de la première énergie renouvelable », Philippe Besseau, Atlanbois
« Le ramoneur, maillon clé du bons fonctionnement des appareils », Hervé Gérente-Paquet, Confédération des ramoneurs de Chartreuse
« L’appareil de chauffage performant avec un combustible de qualité », LorFlam

17h30   Prize Ceremony Innovation Competition

08h45 - 10h00   Bois To Business Bois Energie : business meetings via speed meetings - more info and registration here

10h00 - 11h30 :   Qualité de l'air et bois énergie,
« Etat des lieux de la qualité de l’air en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes », Camille Rieux, Atmo AuRA
« L'action d'un territoire pour améliorer la qualité de l’air », Jérôme Dutroncy , Grenoble Alpes Métropole
«L’amélioration des appareils et des pratiques sur le chauffage individuel », Axel Richard, SER
« L’amélioration des appareils et des pratiques sur le chauffage collectif » FEDENE

11h30   Wood energy animation: Local feedback of small installations for district heating, AGEDEN, Julien ALLIROT (Chargé de mission performance énergétique), ALEC de la métropole grenobloise, Jérôme BUFFIERE (Chargé d'accompagnement technique) et CIBE, Elodie PAYEN (Chargée de mission)

12h00   Adéquation entre le combustible bois de chauffage et les équipements de combustion, ONF
- Yves-Marie Gardette (le référentiel ONF énergie Bois)
- Thierry Barraquand (producteur bois de chauffage dans le Vercors, affilié ONF énergie Bois)
-  Axel Richard (Flamme Verte, Syndicat des énergies renouvelables)

14h00   TThe Wood Energy Strategic Committee (CSBE) : missions and modus operandi, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energie Environnement et Fibois AuRA

14h30   The regional wood chip sector, Fibois AuRA, DRAAF, CFT des Chambarans

Récolte de bois énergie et préservation des sols forestiers
– introduction sur les enjeux : Paul Magaud - FCBA
– table ronde constructeurs en présence de PONSSE et FOREST PIONNEER – table ronde d’entreprises intervenantes dans la  lière bois énergie

Study Tours »

Study Tours

Study Tours to local special sites of interest can be attended free of charge on the day before the exhibition opens, ie the 14th MarchOnline registration is obligatory in order to attend. The Study Tours are conducted in French. Please access the registration form via the French flag at the top of the page and select the tab "Visites Techniques". 

Bois to Business Meetings »

Bois to Business Meetings : Bois Energie

FIBOIS AURA within the remit of the Comité Stratégique Bois Energie, offers you the possibility to join the breakfast Wood Energy Business Meetings on the morning of 16 march from 8:45 to 10:00 in the Hall Mermoz. 

For more information and details on how to register for the speed meetings (in French only) :

Innovation Competition »

Innovation Competition

The Innovation Competition is always a highly anticipated moment during the Exhibition. It rewards the most significant innovations of the year and often provides a compass reading of future trends.

The prizes have been awarded on 5th March 2018 by a Jury of renowned experts. The detailed report will be published here before the event.

The 2018 award ceremony will happen on Thursday 15th March 2018 in the Exhibitor Area.

2018 winners by category are. Read the Jury's 2018 Report here.

Category 1 : Wood fuel supply chain

Bois Energie d’OR : CBQ+ (stand D22) - Nation-wide quality certification for wood energy suppliers
Bois Energie d’Argent : FBB (stand A34) - Les Tutos de Peter
Bois Energie d’Argent : Pellets Drive (stand B05 / Ext K116) - Bags Drive

Category 2 : Central wood heating for the domestic sector

Bois Energie d’OR : Klover / Laudevco (stand C82) - BV16
Bois Energie d’Argent : IWONA (stand B66) - Hybrid pellet and wood fireplace
Bois Energie d’Argent : Klover / Laudevco (stand C82) - ALTEA110

Category 3 : Localised wood heating for the domestic sector

Bois Energie d’OR : LAMINOX (stand E86) - Butterfly Air

Category 4 : District heating

Bois Energie d’OR : AXIOM TUBES (stand A134) - Flexible multilayer reinforced and pre-isolated tube
Bois Energie d’OR : APF (stand B145) - Electrofilter
Bois Energie d’Argent : RTB / GF SERVICES (stand D13) - RTB Air

Read the reports from the previous editions by clicking here.

Meet the Jury 2018

The Jury2018 comprised 5 members from multiple and complimentary disciplines, each one of whom brings a particular experience or knowledge of the sector. We are very grateful to the members of the 2018 Innovation Competition Jury for the time and professionalism they dedicate to their role as judges, both before and during the event.

Gwenola DOARE, Habitat Naturel
Gwenola DOARE, Habitat Naturel

Chief Editor of the "Habitat Naturel" magazine

""The competition is a key feature of the event, it motivates industrials to make further progress in innovation, from forestry management to domestic heating, industrial units and services. It is also a cordial moment for this exhibition which has managed to keep its humane size, in spite of continuous growth.""

Jeremy HUGUES DIT CILES, indépendant
Jeremy HUGUES DIT CILES, indépendant

Journalist, author, director specialised in renewables energies, with a focus on wood

""True commercial springboard, the Innovation Competition "Grand Prize" is coveted by the whole wood energy industry since 2000. It rewards R&D efforts, which will allow the sector to progressively take its place in this evolving energy landscape.""

Annick FABBI, Energies 15
Annick FABBI, Energies 15

Coordinator of the Wood Energy Plan for the Cantal department since 2000, co-president of the "animation" commission at CIBE

""The Innovation Competition creates a healthy competition among manufacturers and industrials. It brings a clearly modern and innovative image to the sector, and communicates it towards all the actors of wood energy.""


Chargé de mission Bois Energie

"This competition, which rewards innovation and the continued professionalisation of the wood energy sector at the same time recognises the leaders who raise the game and who progressively advance the diverse wood energy offer to meet tomorrow’s challenges. This competition raises the profile of the innovations which stimulate debate and rise to the challenge."

Christophe LAVERGNE, l'Installateur
Christophe LAVERGNE, l'Installateur

Chief Editor of "L'Installateur" magazine since 1997, creator of the "Trophées de l'Installateur" Competition

""This Competition highlights innovation in the sector of wood energy, and lets winners benefit from this prize. It is an amplifier to push forward the cause of wood enegy to the end consumer.""

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