The Salon Bois Energie for Industry and Municipalities  is the reference event for the industry and municipality wood energy sector in France and represents the largest gathering of stakeholders, with typically more than 125 exhibitors and represented companies from across 10 European countries present and 3000 professional visitors.

The Exhibition is an annual event with a broad programme over two days encompassing a rich international conference with simultaneous translationinternational business meetingsstudy tours, the innovation competition and two parallel complementary events for biomass/waste to energy.

FEEDSTOCK : multiple woody resources such as wood chips, end of life waste wood, wood industry by-products, can generate energy in a range of energy forms via the application of different conversion technologies.

PROCESS : Different processes including wood boilers, torrefaction, pyrolysis, thermolysis, pyrogasification, methanation... apply increasing temperatures in order to extract the energy content in the desired form, either directly or as a fuel.

OUTPUTS : a large range of outputs is possible from the different conversion processes in direct energy or as a solid, liquid or gaseous fuel, eg black pellets (coal substitute), biochar, bio-oil (heating, chp), syngas, methane (methanation of syngas), jet fuel.

ENERGY RECOVERY : the energy recovery opportunities include heat (district heating or steam), chp as well as biomethane which can be injected directly into the gas network or utilised for transport (a fuel termed biongv - bio natural gas for vehicles), aviation.