The focus of the Salon Bois Energie 2019 is energy from wood and waste wood for the industrial and municipal sectors.

Woodfuels from forest residues or « end of life » wood waste or industrial process wood waste are the primary feedstocks for industrial and municipal energy generation in the form of heat, heat and power and potentially methane (through the methanation of syngas) as well as the production of high calorific value wood fuels such as black pellets or bio oil.

A broad programme for the two days including a rich international conference programme with simultaneous translationinternational business meetingsstudy tours, the innovation competition etc … and three parallel complimentary events for biomass energy and water treatment make Bois Energie the unmissable meeting point for 2019 !

FEEDSTOCK : multiple woody resources such as wood chips, end of life waste wood, wood industry by-products, can generate energy in a range of energy forms via the application of different conversion technologies.

PROCESS : Different processes including wood boilers, torrefaction, pyrolysis, pyrogasification, methanation... apply increasing temperatures in order to extract the energy content in the desired form, either directly or as a fuel.

OUTPUTS : a large range of outputs are possible from the different conversion processes in direct energy or as a solid, liquid or gaseous fuel, eg black pellets (coal substitute), biochar, bio-oil (heating, chp), syngas, methane (methanation of syngas), jet fuel.

ENERGY RECOVERY : the energy recovery opportunities include heat  (or steam), chp as well as methane which can be injected directly into the gas network or utilised for transport (a fuel termed biongv - bio natural gas for vehicles), aviation.

Conferences »

Conference programme

The Salon Bois Energie each year presents a rich programme of conferences addressing the main themes and trends of the day.

In 2019, simultaneous translation will be provided free of charge across the two days.

The topics for the 2019 conferences are :

Wednesday, 30th January - wood energy : Day one will provide an overview of the French wood heating market and current developments
am : Plenary session, organised by the CIBE
pm : Wood Energy - Mutualising feedstock supply, management and maintenance of boiler houses / The wood resource in the West of France, quantity and quality - organised by AILE and ABIBOIS

Thursday, 31st  January - waste to energy:  Day two is dedicated to the converging worlds of waste to energy and wood energy

The Conference presentations are being drawn from a large international spectrum and the day will be illustrated with shining concrete examples of how technological advances are taking modern bioenergy to the next level to produce direct energy and/or solid, liquid or gaseous fuels at both the industrial and decentralised level

6 sessions will build a coherent picture of the different energy recovery pathways from wood, waste wood, srf, landfill, plastics, tyres etc via a range of processes applied at the industrial or local level :

  • torrefaction : an overview of the evolving torrefaction market highlighted by a world first industrial black pellets project
  • pyrolysis and thermolysis : applying torrefaction and pyrolysis processes at local and industrial scales for producing differing biofuels with an illustration of a world first biofuel plant
  • biochar : producing biochar and possibilities and applications for it’s useage
  • municipal solid waste : examples of best practice in municipal solid waste management (optimum sorting and recycling, AD of the organic fraction, srf production of remaining fraction) as well as examples of biogas recovery from landfill (chp, heat, biomethane)
  • pyrogasification : energy recovery from wood fuels, wood (eg bois B) and agri-wastes, srf and other non-recylable wastes
  • plasma : the 4th state of matter via plasma torching. Super high temperature treatment of a range of non-recyclable wastes for energy production.

The detailed programme will be published in early December.

Study Tours »

Study Tours

Study Tours to local special sites of interest can be attended the day before the exhibition opens, ie the 29th January.
The guided tours are conducted in French. More details will be published here later. 

Register here  to be kept informed.

International Business Meetings »

International Business Meetings

Visitors and exhibitors can participate free of charge in the International Business Meetings sessions on : 
Wednesday 30 January: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday 31 January: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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International Exhibition

A dedicated exhibition area of 100 exhibitors from across Europe provides unparalleled access to the most complete range of wood energy know-how.

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Bois Energie.TV

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