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Week-end: 17-18 March
From the forest to the fire

Wood energy for the home today is characterised by its high performance and clean and efficient combustion, quality assured wood fuels, automatic and remote fuel feeding, light and simple controls as well as a keen sense of design from futuristic to artistic, from modern and cool to classic … which means there’s something for everyone amongst the 400 wood heaters on show(including of course, also boilers, stoves, fireplaces, ovens and cookers from all the leading European brands).

The Salon is equally renowned as a launch pad for the latest innovations often focused on driving up even higher energy efficiency co-efficients, cleaner combustion, opening up design and improving ergonomics - all of which make wood energy today a lifestyle choice that makes economical sense, environmental sense as well as being quite simply, the best way to stay warm in winter !


Light your fire, with wood !

Is it the cozy, familiar warmth of a wood fire, the dancing flamboyant flames, the smoldering flickering embers ... whatever lights your fire, with more than 40 stoves, fireplaces, ovens etc. fully operational throughout the Salon, there's not only plenty of warmth to go around but also a real opportunity to learn "live" about high performance, stylish, ergonomic, easy to use and clean wood energy heating appliances for today !

Forestry and Wood  : see it live !

A large outdoor area comes to live during the Exhibition with close to 500m3 of wood  being split, shredded, chopped, chipped, cut, sawn, pressed and compacted by 40 working machines demonstrating efficiency of operation from the manual saw to completely automated industrial scale woodfuel production lines.

The Innovation Competition is always a highly anticipated moment during the Exhibition. It rewards the most significant innovations of the year and often provides a compass reading of future trends. The Competition rewards Innovations from 4 categories:

  • Category 1 : Wood fuel supply chain
  • Category 2 : Central wood heating for the domestic sector
  • Category 3 : Localised wood heating for the domestic sector
  • Category 4 : District heating

These prizes are awarded by a Jury of renowned experts.

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